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Sing & Play Program for Keyboard

Do you wish to sing and play your favourite idol’s pop songs? Or do you wish to play a song for your loved one and perform on stage? Here is the right place for you!

Our Sing and Play keyboard programme will guide you through all the basic skills, chords, drills and solfege. Do not worry if you have no prior experience because nothing is impossible! Under our guidance, every student will eventually be able to sing and play their favourite songs within three months. Our programme is tailored to suit aspiring singers of various ages.

Our instructors are also able to guide you on classical music knowledge, so you can improve on your pop singing and classical music skills at the same time. To help our students gain confidence, we also actively encourage and prepare our students for performances, so that they have a chance to practise performing in front of a crowd and collaborate with other performers. So what are you waiting for? Start your lessons lesson with us now. We guarantee you’ll have a fun time learning as you work towards your musical dreams!

Class size: Individual/Duo

Course Duration: 12 months to 18 months

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