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Music & Lyrics Composing Program

Our music composition programme focuses on two key aspects of song-writing: melody and lyric composition. Students will be taught the technical aspects of music composition such as chords progression, playing drills and songs arrangement. Students will also be taught how to prepare their own song score and to write their melodies in solfege.

Besides the technical aspects, the programme will also cover the softer aspects of song-writing, e.g. coming up with a catchy melody and translating your thoughts/emotions into a song. We also guide our students to compose using the keyboard so they can perform their own compositions.

Where opportune, we will also help our students to recommend their outstanding compositions to some of the music producers that we know. You may have chance to work with these producers if your song is selected.

This programme can be tailored for individual or group learning. Take your first step towards fulfilling your song-writing dreams!

Class Size: Individual/ Group (max 3 pax)

Course Duration: 12 months to 18 months

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