Beginner (Approximately 6 months)


  • Understanding your instrument
  • Music fundamentals, basic music notation
  • Basic notes and solfege understanding
  • Formation of scales and basic chords
  • Diatonic (family) chords and keys of songs
  • Major and minor chords
  • Basic tab reading


  • Learning basic chords I
  • Usage of guitar picks
  • Basic strumming pattern I
  • Learning of basic chords II
  • Basic strumming patterns II
  • Introduction to barred chords
  • Basic plucking patterns


  • Song analysis
  • Basic technique building
  • Constructing basic chords
  • Strumming to a song
  • Plucking to a song
  • Basic melody playing
  • Play and singing along

Intermediate (Approximately 6 months)

  • Advanced strumming patterns
  • Advanced plucking patterns
  • Introduction to basic genres in music
  • Introduction to scale playing in various keys
  • Transposing a song
  • Playing fill-ins in a song
  • Minor pentatonic scale and its application
  • Introduction to advanced chords
  • Melody playing in various keys
  • Introduction to finger style guitar
  • Basic solos in a song
  • Introduction to playing by ear

Advanced (Ongoing)

  • Scale playing in all 12 keys
  • Chord substitution in a song
  • Improvisation
  • Appregio playing
  • Advanced solo technique
  • Fingerstyle guitar as a soloist
  • Modes and its application
  • Advanced genres of music
  • Role of guitarist in a band
  • Relative pitching
  • Mastering playing by ear

For enrollment in our group class, please call @ 6325 0338 / send an email to to express your interest and refer to our news section of our blog site for class opening dates. Our individual class is on-going, please contact us to check the available date and time.

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