LCM practical exam intake for July/August 2016 is open for registration now.

Please email or contact Monica at 6325 0338.


Please contact Music Clinic Monica at tel. 63250338 for registration.

JUNE School Holiday Workshop!!! (002)
JUNE School Holiday  - Vocal Workshop (002)

About Founder

He is the vocal trainer to participants of Campus Superstar 2009 and we are pleased to announce that Music Clinic is the official music school for Campus Superstar 2009! Mr. Peter Tan, founder/principal of “The Music Clinic”, with more than a decade of teaching experience and countless celebrity superstar students,, including Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿), Kelly Poon (潘嘉丽), Jocie Guo (郭美美), Jones Ong (石康军), Nathan Hartono and more. He is also the judge and coach for the finalists in many TV, corporate and varsity singing competitions.

The Music Clinic

We believe that music is a form of lifestyle that can relieve stress and provide enjoyment. Music can be present on many different occasions and regardless if its Christmas or New Year or birthday celebrations.

A music learning haven that is well-known for vocal and performance training. We believe that music not only eases the mind, but also helps to build one’s character through improving self-confidence via public stage performances.

Our Passion

We believe that music is a form of lifestyle that can relieve stress and provide enjoyment.  Music can be present on many different occasions and regardless if its Christmas or New Year or birthday celebrations


  • Thank you for coaching me through the years, from a tone deaf to someone whom is able to listen and get the pitching right. The courage staffs, instructors and students given to me through the years allows me to step out of my comfort zone and start joining competitions. Winning 2nd Runner Up for Tampines West CC was the first step and i will continue improving myself to do better. Nonetheless, i sincerely thank all instructors especially Peter Tan.

    Kheng Wei Jie EgbertAdvanced Student
  • It has been an enriching experience in Music Clinic since the very first day. With friendly yet professional teaching from the instructors, both my confidence and singing has improved tremendously. I have learnt the fundamentals in singing; from proper breathing techniques to pitching exercises that works to improve my turning notes. Even exercises to train the switching of my real voice to falsetto have added to my versatility. Not forgetting that Music Clinic helped in bringing out the confident performer in me! It's a definite recommendation to all those who have a heart for music.

    DuaneUniversity of Melbourne, Individual Student
  • Thrilled. It was exactly how I felt when I signed up with The Music Clinic. I'd heard a lot about the school, and had also seen for myself the spirited enthusiasm of the instructors and students. This was precisely what drew me to The Music Clinic, I wanted to be part of this dynamic environment, and I wasn't disappointed. From the instructors and students to the staff, everyone at The Music Clinic displays a genuine passion for music, a fact that I truly appreciate. The instructors' credentials and dedication are second to none, and they are some of the friendliest and most patient people around. The *laoshis* - as they are affectionately known by the students - work us hard, but they never forget to inject fun and humour into the lessons as well; there is laughter aplenty during each class, as there are smiles all around at the end of it. I'm delighted to have joined The Music Clinic, and I certainly look forward to more exciting times ahead with the school.

    PriscillaVocal Student
  • Ever since I joined the Music Clinic School, I acquired a lot of singing skills on vocal techniques, stage presentation, expressing emotions of the songs etc. My singing has improved tremendously after going through the advanced stage. I am glad I didn't make the wrong choice in choosing the music school. It is a very fun process and I really enjoy myself in the school. Music Clinic is also like a big family to me. The people in Music Clinic are very friendly and fun. Together, we play, perform and learn hard. I would like to take this opportunity to say "Peter Laoshi, Thank you very much for your unfailing guidance and the opportunity given to students to perform on stage and gain more exposure and experiences. Lastly thank you Music Clinic, you are the BEST!

    Eric ZhuHigher Advanced Student
  • Thank you for your guidance over the past 4-5 months. Thanks for teaching me the importance of knowing the story behind each song and bringing me to the next level of singing. Now I truly appreciate the essence of every single song that I sing. Also, thank you for being so patient with the 12 of us. Though we always make you angry, you never fail to give it your best when teaching us.

    Peter laoshi, its definitely good to have you. Do keep in touch. We love you.

    Yap JiaminCampus Superstar 3
  • Thanks so much for the care and patience you have given me during my days with you in the vocal training. Especially my cheekiness. Ha! Ha! Hal. I really enjoyed and appreciated it. Thank you once again!

    Jarod LeeCampus Superstar 3
  • If you want to learn to sing, then this is the place to go. Peter and the team are great teachers who want to help everyone to sing well. I have been learning for more than a year and I love the improvements.

    My voice is far from perfect right now, but it is far better than where I first started. Many singing courses promote singing songs, with little technical focus whilst others focus on the technical aspects. What I like about Music Clinic is that it brings both approaches together in a way that is both practical and fun. My advice to anyone looking to start singing or who wants help developing their voice further is to take up Music Clinic. I recommend Music Clinic with confidence and highest regard to those who want to find their true voice and be a student of understanding the gifts that they have, because Peter is the teacher that will help you accomplish this. Two Thumbs up to Music Clinic !

    Jiang JunxuanHigher Advanced Student