• "Founded in 2003, The Music Clinic is a music learning haven well-known in vocal training where students can learn different genres of music. We believe that music eases the mind. Learning music also helps to build character, such as improving one’s self-confidence through public stage."

    Peter Tan,

    Celebrity Vocal Coach and Founder of Music Clinic

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    Peter Tan 陈彼得 talks about his coming public concert at #WheelersFestival on #Mediacorp radio, #Love 97.2. Be sure to swing by to catch the exciting performance by our Peter Tan 老师 and talented team on 29th July 2017. Admission is FREE! 不见不散. For more updates, please visit https://www.facebook.com/wheelersfestival/


  • Pedagogy

    At The Music Clinic, not only do we believe that music eases the mind, learning music also helps to build character, such as improving one’s self-confidence through public stage performances.


    We conduct our courses based on the following key attributes:

    • Each instructor is a professional in his or her own area of expertise, equipped with excellent teaching skills & music experiences
    • Each course syllabus is meticulously written to facilitate our students’ learning and to stimulate their interest in each topic and lesson
    • Topical assessments and revisions are conducted regularly to monitor and appraise each student’s progress
    • Our classroom is set in a cozy and conducive sound-proof room, using the latest sound system for teaching
    • Group class sizes are kept small so that each student can maximize class time

  • Our Courses

    "course syllabus is meticulously written to facilitate our students’ learning and to stimulate their interest in each topic and lesson" Peter Tan

    POP Singing

    In the Beginner and Intermediate levels, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of singing, diaphragm training, basic theory of music and various vocal techniques. The focus is on establishing proper singing habits and acquiring the skills needed for singing. At the Advanced and Higher Advanced levels, the emphasis turns to the performing aspect of singing. Student will learn slow ballads and fast tracks and explore even more vocal techniques, with emphasis on song management, facial and vocal expression and body movements. Interaction with audience and respond to different situations when performing are taught at these levels.


    Course Duration: 1.5 hours every week (Will be adjusted according to the class size)
    Class Size: 4 -6 students

    Sing & Play Program for Keyboard


    Do you wish to sing and play your favourite idol’s pop songs? Or do you wish to play a song for your loved one and perform on stage?


    Our Sing and Play keyboard programme will guide you through all the basic skills, chords, drills and solfege. Do not worry if you have no prior experience because nothing is impossible! Under our guidance, every student will eventually be able to sing and play their favourite songs within three months. Our programme is tailored to suit aspiring singers of various ages. Our instructors are also able to guide you on classical music knowledge, so you can improve on your pop singing and classical music skills at the same time. To help our students gain confidence, we also actively encourage and prepare our students for performances, so that they have a chance to practise performing in front of a crowd and collaborate with other performers. So what are you waiting for? Start your lessons lesson with us now. We guarantee you’ll have a fun time learning as you work towards your musical dreams!


    Class size: Individual/Duo

    Course Duration: 12 months to 18 months

    Children Mandarin/English Pop

    Children from the age of 8 to 12 years old are welcome to join this fun and easy-to-learn singing class. This course is divided into Stage I and Stage II, Each stage consists of 12 lessons. The course syllabus covers topics as such Vocal Singing with emphasis on pitch, rhythm and diction. Diaphragmatic Breathing and Music Theory where musical signs and terms, rhythm clapping and sight singing of solfege are taught. Contact us Now!


    At The Music Clinic, our courses are classifieds into different divisions and are specifically designed to cater the interests of our students. Lessons are available for individuals and groups. Trial sit-ins classes can be arranged by our administrator. Contact us Now!

    Evergreen Class

    If you are enchanted by the melody and lyrics of oldies, you will be delighted to attend this course. The class is conducted using karaoke songs with emphasis on proper diaphragm usage. To achieve better pitching and rhythm sense, students will be taught sight-singing. Contact us Now!

    Music & Lyrics Composing Program

    "Song composing- tapping into your inner feelings"

    Our music composition programme focuses on two key aspects of song-writing: melody and lyric composition. Students will be taught the technical aspects of music composition such as chords progression, playing drills and songs arrangement. Students will also be taught how to prepare their own song score and to write their melodies in solfege. Besides the technical aspects, the programme will also cover the softer aspects of song-writing, e.g. coming up with a catchy melody and translating your thoughts/emotions into a song. We also guide our students to compose using the keyboard so they can perform their own compositions. Where opportune, we will also help our students to recommend their outstanding compositions to some of the music producers that we know. You may have chance to work with these producers if your song is selected. This programme can be tailored for individual or group learning. Take your first step towards fulfilling your song-writing dreams!


    Class Size: Individual/ Group (max 3 pax)

    Course Duration: 12 months to 18 months


    Contact us Now!

    The Art of Stage Performance- NEW!

    Do you love to perform but lack the confidence and stage presence to keep your audience spellbound? Have you ever felt awkward, stiff and emotionless during your performance? Do you want to be a singer with charisma and the X-factor? Your chance is here! Bring out your personal style, showcase your unique charisma, emotionally capture your audiences, learn how to groove! Let us fulfil your dream of becoming a singer. Let us teach you how to exude charisma effortlessly and let it rub off on your audience. Embrace yourself with the art of stage performance. Embark on this journey with us to become a STAR! Contact us Now!


    Guitar Lessons

    Beginner (Approximately 6 months)


    • Understanding your instrument
    • Music fundamentals, basic music notation
    • Basic notes and solfege understanding
    • Formation of scales and basic chords
    • Diatonic (family) chords and keys of songs
    • Major and minor chords
    • Basic tab reading


    • Learning basic chords I
    • Usage of guitar picks
    • Basic strumming pattern I
    • Learning of basic chords II
    • Basic strumming patterns II
    • Introduction to barred chords
    • Basic plucking patterns


    • Song analysis
    • Basic technique building
    • Constructing basic chords
    • Strumming to a song
    • Plucking to a song
    • Basic melody playing
    • Play and singing along


    Contact us Now!

  • London College of Music

    Examination Intake

    LCM Exam Intake 2017: Now Open for Registration: Closing DatE 30th April 2017

    To Register, Please email or contact Monica at 6325 0338, Monica@themusicclinic.com.sg


    The Music Clinic Pte Ltd is now an accredited examination centre for London College of Music, University of West London. London College of Music examinations are held three times each year for a wide range of instruments and vocal, encompassing classical, jazz and pop/rock music genres. The structured progression caters for candidates of all levels, from introductory examinations for beginners, through eight grades (or leisure play levels), to four levels of professional diplomas in performance, teaching, composition and research. All our instructors are London College of Music certified. We welcome students of all levels for vocal examinations.


  • Our Services

    • Live Performance for Events/Gigs
    • Corporate Training/ Events
    • Backup Singing
    • Hosting
    • Vocal Recording

  • Our Instructors

    We've got a top notch team!

    Peter Tan

    Founder and Celebrity Trainer

    A celebrity judge, vocal instructor and founder of The Music Clinic Private Limited, has more than 12 years of teaching experience and a singing career that spans over 20 years. Together with his team of experienced and qualified instructors, they emit as one of the most renowned music training school in the region, nuturing students to become performers. One of the most sought after judge for major singing competitions, Peter had judged Project Superstar 2005 and was also the main judge for Campus Superstar 2006. He was also the appointed as the vocal instructor for finalist of Project Superstar and Campus Superstar competitions.He has also judged for numerous singing competitions organised by schools, corporate company and community centres. Local and regional artistes who have come under his wing include celebrities such as Stefanie Sun, Yong Er, Kelly Poon, Jocie Kok, Jones Ong, Felicia Chin and Fiona Xie. Besides being a celebrity vocal coach and a renowned performing artist, Peter is heavily involved in music production works. He has sung numerous commercial jingles, cover albums and has also been a back-up singer for prominent regional artists’ album production and live concerts. One of them includes David Tao. Peter was also involved in the debut album production for presenter Lawrence Chau, MediaCorp artiste Jamie Teo and FM93.3 radio DJ Zhou Chong Qing. In year 2005, Peter held a sold-out debut solo concert at The Esplanade Recital Studio. The concert was well-received and he was subsequently invited back by The Esplanade to stage an additional two concerts, which were also sold-out. His debut album, 陈彼得 <万语千言>, won good reviews and likings from the media and his supporters.

    Michele Chong

    “Known for her high energy and optimistic approach to teaching.”

    Michele’s discovered her passion for music and singing at a very young age. A talented and versatile instructor, she specialises in teaching vocal singing, piano, electronic keyboard, music composing, music theory, ukulele and guitar etc. She has 10 years of experience teaching music, including percussion, vocal singing, piano and keyboard. She has also taught in many primary schools and is a certified instructor for Active Learning (PAL) and AMIS. Michele graduated from the London Music College with a Diploma in Vocal Teaching (Distinction). She has also obtained a Certificate in professional Performing and Vocal, Grade 8 Music Theory from Trinity College London and Grade 8 Piano from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. On top of that she has obtained a Certificate in Voice techniques from Berklee College of Music. She is a certified Chinese lyrics composer and is a member with Composer and Authors Association of Singapore (COMPASS). She has composed many songs for charity, including SG50 theme songs. A professional instructor with diverse experience, she has performed live in many events held locally and overseas. She held her first mini concert at the Esplanade Recital Hall and released her first group album single in 2007 called “Ai Wu Qi Xian”. Besides performing, she is capable and experienced in hosting events. She received various invitations to be a singing judge for singing competitions organized by organisations and community centres. Michele is a highly motivated and committed instructor. She is warm, caring and can instils in students a lifelong love of music. She consistently works towards creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. Her motto in life is ‘Nothing is impossible’. Many students love her high energy and optimistic approach to teaching.

    Derrick Tay

    “First runner-up place in a Power Duet Competition

    (K歌2击队) ”

    Derrick Tay Chou Peng’s breakthrough happened when he represented Singapore at an International Chinese Proficiency Competition (汉语桥) held in China, winning the group and himself the Championship title out of 32 teams from 29 countries. He has since gone on to acting for Mediacorp as well as other local television productions, including a TVC for Subway. On the sides, Derrick sings for events such as the Chingay Festival, Asian TV Awards and Singapore’s Arts Festival and had once been invited as a Guest Performer for Former President SR. NATHAN, Late Minister Mentor LEE KWAN YEW and DPM TEO CHEE HEAN. In his free time, he performs at cafes and functions, alternating between hosting, the piano, the flute, and vocals. His passion won him a first runner-up place in a Power Duet Competition (K歌2击队) produced by Channel 8. Derrick was also the dance Choreographer of Civil Defence Day’s Mass Display Segment (2011). For his accomplishments and leadership skills, he was the sole NSF who received SCDF’s Commissioner’s Commendation Award in 2012. Currently, he pursues a Diploma in Performance at LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS and teaches vocal/music coach at THE MUSIC CLINIC PTE LTD.

    Veron Yang

    “If you believe, you can do many things beyond imagination.”

    Veron Yang started out as an inspiring singer when she was young and during her school days she was in the school’s concert band as part of the percussion section. Her strength of music genre is R&B, Pop, alternative Jazz and Rock numbers in English and Mandarin languages. Her desire to be a better performer continued as she picks up dance styles like Hip Hop, Reggae and Locking etc to be more connected to performance. She has been performing for more than 10 years and had taken part in many talent competitions like the Channel U’s Talent Competition “Project Superstar” “绝对Superstar”. Throughout her singing career, she is also a coach for more than 10 years. She coaches students from children, teenagers to adults etc. She teaches different areas of singing that includes performing and helping students to boost confidence in themselves. Coaching is part of her music passion as she can help others to improve themselves musically and express themselves better.


    Angie Lau


    Angie Lau(刘心玲) has recorded seven of her own albums ever since she started singing at the age of nine, 2 albums were recorded and released in Taiwan. Her most famous work was recording “明天会更好” in Taiwan, she’s the only one from Singapore of all 60 singers around asia. She has been crowned as “QUEEN OF CANTO POP” in Singapore Entertainment Industry during the 90’s. She also performed at many renowned clubs such as ; “CLUB 97″ @ International Building, “EUROPA @ INTERNATIONAL PLAZA”, “SPARKS” @ Takashimaya, “CANTO” @ Marina South, “NTUC CLUB-( JEST D PLACE, J’SPRING, “CELEBRATION” ), “TYPOON” @ River View Hotel, “SHANGHAI” @ Marina South, “SINGSATION” @ Plaza Hotel,“DEVIL’S BAR” @ Orchard, “HEAVEN & EARTH” @ River View Hotel, “ESTEE” @ Clark Quay, “BEYOND 97″ @ Cairnhill, “B ONE” @ International Building, “LUNAR” @ Clark Quay and Royal Bar (Casino) @ Resort World Sentosa, she also hosts special shows cast for overseas performers such as 米雪,翁立友,朱咪咪,叶爱菱 and many others at Resort World Sentosa. She was awarded with Best Female Artist for 2012 Stomp Getai Award. Currently also a celebrity judge。Last but not least, she was part of the cast in fliming “福星到” along with Fann Wong, Liu Ling Ling and many other actors/actresses.

    Shafiq Basri

    "Represented Singapore for Yamaha Asian Beat 2015 Grand Finals"

    From a young age of 10, have been a curious listener of pop music as his parents love playing their vast CD collection on the HiFi system. It wasn’t until the age of 14 when his older brother introduced him the guitar and the band Metallica that he started picking up the guitar. Not long after that, he formed a band with his secondary school friends inspired by the sound of Rock.


    At the age of 17, realised that his guitar playing and musical knowledge was very limited. He started having guitar lessons from his father’s friend who became his first mentor that introduced him to different styles of music such as Bossa Nova, Blues, Jazz Standards, Funk, Fusion, etc. which broadened his appreciation of music besides Rock and Metal.


    At the age of 22, he began teaching guitar at a private guitar school called Guitarra Play. During that time, he was also actively playing shows with his old band. In the year 2015, he had the opportunity to go Tokyo, Japan with his old band to represent Singapore for Yamaha Asian Beat 2015 Grand Finals. In the same year, he attained his Grade 8 in Rock & Pop Guitar from Trinity College London.


    Currently besides teaching, he is playing with Vivienne's Verdict, an original rock band. The band had an opportunity to be mentored by Simon Yong under the Singapore Noise Music Mentorship in 2016! Since then, he had played various shows such as Red Dot August in 2017 at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 100 Bands, two gigs at Hood Bar & Cafe, toured Tokyo promoting his band’s EP, Singapore Originals at Timbre@Substation and Rocking the Promontory in 2018.


    Sarah Wong

    “Passionate, energetic and spontaneous, and extremely talented”

    Sarah is Passionate, energetic and spontaneous, the extremely talented Sarah Wong has more than 12 years of dance and singing experience. Sarah’s off stage and on stage charisma is both infectious and inspiring and her passion in dancing and singing has led her on a life journey that has seen her shine in various dance and singing competitions.Sarah started her journey in music when she first participated in competitions during her primary and secondary schools days where she almost always emerged in the top 3. At a young and tender age of 13 years old, she joined the famous Twister Dance Academy to discover her talents in street and hip hop dancing in 2004 and within a year, the Academy fielded her in numerous competitions between 2005 and 2010. As a testament to her talent as a dancer and in recognition of her stage charisma, Sarah was made the Academy’s official Master of Ceremony and Senior Dance Instructor between 2008 and 2010. During her time at Twister, Sarah never gave up her dreams in singing and continued to perform as an unplugged singer while at the same time participating in various singing competitions. 2008 was a significant year for Sarah. Sarah and her team at Twister competed in the Astro Dance Battleground and came in 1st runner up in the highly rated dance competition. As a singer, Sarah was a Be A Star Singing Competition Finalist and came in 2nd runner up in the 心里的音符歌唱大赛. Following years saw Sarah continue juggle her career in singing at various establishments while at the same time coach at Twisters to continue pushing herself to become a better dancer, singer and most importantly a performing artist. Unknown to many, Sarah’s singing ability was self taught and she never received any formal education in her journey. In 2014, Sarah decided to make a change. She came in Top 70 in the Astro Star Guest Singing Competition an­­d was Champion in the Strepsils The Right Note Singing Competition. 2014 also saw Sarah record her first EP ‘Da An’. 2015 was yet another monumental year for Sarah where she joined The Music Clinic by Peter Tan. Sarah was fielded by The Music Clinic as a Singapore Representative in the Catch The Dream Singing Competition where she trained and competed in Seoul, Korea for 51 days. The competition drew a fruitful Top 7 for Sarah and with the overseas exposure, she emerged as a more complete and refined performer. By the end of 2015, Sarah release another EP named ‘Gold Flower’ by V Music Records. Sarah’s motto in life is coming from humble beginnings, Sarah’s journey as a performing artist has been filled with personal sacrifices and obstacles. But Sarah’s positive attitude, perseverance and most importantly, passion has been a guiding light and a source of strength in her journey.



    "Passionate professional vocal instructor cum singing competition judge with more than 10 years of experience"

    Gary officially started his career as a professional singing artiste when he joined the SAF Music & Drama Co. during his army days as an NSF. Back then in 1996, he was trained in an all-rounded angle in singing, dancing and drama.In 2000, he was scouted by SAFRA Radio. For two years, Gary worked as a Programme Producer (Radio Compere) in Dongli 88.3FM. As he was effectively bilingual, he advanced rapidly, as a free-lanced emcee, thereafter hosting many various shows such as corporate D&Ds, weddings, opening ceremonies & product launches. Some of the famous names in which he had worked with included Tiger, Anchor Beer & Guinness Stout by APB, Gold Kili, Theresa Beauty and so on. Since young, Gary has never forsaken his passion in singing. For a period of ten years, he had build his popularity in some of the most renowned clubs in Singapore. As a professional live-band singing artiste, he sang in Europa Beyond '97, “台风”pub@Riverview Hotel, “天地情”, Este The Club@Clarke Quay, Singsation@Plaza Hotel, Shanghai Disco@Marina Bay, & M'Zone 97@Orchard Plaza. Topping it up, other than performing in clubs, Gary had pursued his interest in participating in local and international singing competitions in all scales. He had achieved many top titles. The most recent and memorable titles would include:

    -2013 Champion "麦王歌唱公开赛"

    -2013 Champion "醉花林歌唱公开赛冠军"

    -2015 Top Ten Asian Singer "Astro 全球欢喜来卡拉"

    -2016 Champion "NTUC Ufame National Singing competition"

    -2016 District Champion "我最会唱2016"

    -2016 1st Runner-up "933龙虎榜K歌王”

    Last but not least, Gary loves to share his stage experiences and knowledge with people. This explains why he has also been a great influence for his students for the past ten years. He started by dedicating his first three years of coaching work in the School of Music Clef @Suntec City in 2006. Since then, Gary has been pursuing this career as a professional vocal instructor cum singing competition judge with much passion. In 2015, he became one of the partners of Platinum Music Studio @Beach Road.

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  • Testimonials

    What our students have to say

    Joined music clinic for less than 6 months and I've learn alot. My singing improved. I really enjoy every lesson as we are like friends with our instructors. I feel that this is very important because if you are not comfortable with your instructor it will be difficult for you to improve. I'm grateful for the opportunities that my instructors gave me. The teachers here are all caring and also very encouraging. Learning how to sing? Go to music clinic!!!


    Ivan, Basic student & Performing group member


    My initial thought of joining MC was just to accompany a good friend. Never did I know that I am so in love with music and singing. Throughout the 1 and a half years with MC, not only my vocal has improved, I had also grown as an individual. From being a very negative person to become someone who is positively influencing others.  


    It's a place for me to relieve my stress after a long day at work, a place where I look forward to go everyweek and a place where I can share music with the people who have the same passion and dream with me. 

    Yun Qi, Higher Advanced and keyboard student & performing group member

    I've attended a few music schools and Music Clinic is where I have stayed for more than 1 year! Trainers like Michele, Derrick and Veron are dedicated and committed. They do not hesitate to impart their knowledge and share their experiences. They strongly believe in hands-on experiences and will go all out to create performance opportunities for their students. Through Music Clinic, I have made many true friends who share the same passion for music and performance. This is also where I was given the chances to perform on stages that I never thought I will be on. Thank you Music Clinic and all the teachers for keeping my pursuit of dreams alive!


    Charlene, Higher Advanced student & Performing group member


    "Thank you for coaching me through the years, from a tone deaf to someone whom is able to listen and get the pitching right. The courage staffs, instructors and students given to me through the years allows me to step out of my comfort zone and start joining competitions. Winning 2nd Runner Up for Tampines West CC was the first step and i will continue improving myself to do better. Nonetheless, i sincerely thank all instructors especially Peter Tan."


    Kheng Wei Jie Egbert, Advanced Student

    "It has been an enriching experience in Music Clinic since the very first day. With friendly yet professional teaching from the instructors, both my confidence and singing has improved tremendously. I have learnt the fundamentals in singing; from proper breathing techniques to pitching exercises that works to improve my turning notes. Even exercises to train the switching of my real voice to falsetto have added to my versatility. Not forgetting that Music Clinic helped in bringing out the confident performer in me! It's a definite recommendation to all those who have a heart for music."


    Duane, University of Melbourne, Individual Student




    "Thrilled. It was exactly how I felt when I signed up with The Music Clinic. I'd heard a lot about the school, and had also seen for myself the spirited enthusiasm of the instructors and students. This was precisely what drew me to The Music Clinic, I wanted to be part of this dynamic environment, and I wasn't disappointed. From the instructors and students to the staff, everyone at The Music Clinic displays a genuine passion for music, a fact that I truly appreciate. The instructors' credentials and dedication are second to none, and they are some of the friendliest and most patient people around. The *laoshis* - as they are affectionately known by the students - work us hard, but they never forget to inject fun and humour into the lessons as well; there is laughter aplenty during each class, as there are smiles all around at the end of it. I'm delighted to have joined The Music Clinic, and I certainly look forward to more exciting times ahead with the school."


    Priscilla, Vocal Student

    "Ever since I joined the Music Clinic School, I acquired a lot of singing skills on vocal techniques, stage presentation, expressing emotions of the songs etc. My singing has improved tremendously after going through the advanced stage. I am glad I didn't make the wrong choice in choosing the music school. It is a very fun process and I really enjoy myself in the school. Music Clinic is also like a big family to me. The people in Music Clinic are very friendly and fun. Together, we play, perform and learn hard. I would like to take this opportunity to say "Peter Laoshi, Thank you very much for your unfailing guidance and the opportunity given to students to perform on stage and gain more exposure and experiences. Lastly thank you Music Clinic, you are the BEST!"


    Eric Zhu, Higher Advanced Student



    "Thank you for your guidance over the past 4-5 months. Thanks for teaching me the importance of knowing the story behind each song and bringing me to the next level of singing. Now I truly appreciate the essence of every single song that I sing. Also, thank you for being so patient with the 12 of us. Though we always make you angry, you never fail to give it your best when teaching us. Peter laoshi, its definitely good to have you. Do keep in touch. We love you."


    Yap Jiamin, Campus Superstar 3



    "Thanks so much for the care and patience you have given me during my days with you in the vocal training. Especially my cheekiness. Ha! Ha! Hal. I really enjoyed and appreciated it. Thank you once again!"


    Jarod Lee, Campus Superstar 3

    I feel that MC has taught me a lot of things that I never knew about music, as well as many other things that most of us do not take notice in our daily lives. Moreover the teachers here are very passionate about passing on their musical knowledge to the students and never fail to be our inspiration. Thank you MC for whatever that you have taught us!:)


    Huang Xue Ying, Intermediate student & performing group member

    "If you want to learn to sing, then this is the place to go. Peter and the team are great teachers who want to help everyone to sing well. I have been learning for more than a year and I love the improvements.My voice is far from perfect right now, but it is far better than where I first started. Many singing courses promote singing songs, with little technical focus whilst others focus on the technical aspects. What I like about Music Clinic is that it brings both approaches together in a way that is both practical and fun. My advice to anyone looking to start singing or who wants help developing their voice further is to take up Music Clinic. I recommend Music Clinic with confidence and highest regard to those who want to find their true voice and be a student of understanding the gifts that they have, because Peter is the teacher that will help you accomplish this. Two Thumbs up to Music Clinic !"


    Jiang Junxuan, Higher Advanced Student

    As a student of about 1 year in Music Clinic, I think that vocal lessons taught me a lot more than just the technical aspects of singing. I have learned that singing well involves more than just good technique. It requires a good mental state of mind as well. The school does not neglect any of these two aspects and teach us how to combine both elements to push us to become better performers. Overall I think that I have learned a lot over the year and the all the experience gained is extremely valuable.


    Brendon, Intermediate student & Performing group member


    Music clinic offers a wide variety of lessons, ranging from vocal, dance and even guitar or keyboard. You can choose to sing and dance or to play and sing. Instructors are professionally trained, able to coach and guide each individual accordingly to their needs, ensuring that you can be able to improve your singing skills.


    Bai Xue Ying, Higher Advanced student & Performing group member


    MC has really opened my eye to what singing really is and discover different things that my voice can actually do. With the guidance of great teachers, I began to learn that singing is about understanding of your own voice, own body and being one with the music. Now I am able to express myself freely and perform what I love to do for others!


    Leslie, Intermediate student & Performing group member


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    Any postponement/cancellation of lesson must be notified 48 hours in advance. Lesson will be forfeited if notifications come in within the 48 hours without valid reason such as Medical Certificate.

    When do we need to make payment for the lessons?

    First month’s payment will be together with the registration fees. On the 4th lesson of that month, the following month’s payment should be received.

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These organizations may link to our home page, to publications or to other Web site information so long as the link: (a) is not in any way misleading; (b) does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the linking party and it products or services; and (c) fits within the context of the linking party's site.

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By use of our corporate name; or By use of the uniform resource locator (Web address) being linked to; or By use of any other description of our Web site or material being linked to that makes sense within the context and format of content on the linking party's site.

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